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Bravecto Spot On for Cats - 13.8 - 27.5 lbs - GREEN - 500 mg - 1 pk
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Part# 1347
Type Flea & Tick
Brand Bravecto Spot On
Pack Size 1 tube x 500 mg
Pet Cats
Pet Weight 0138 - 0275 lbs
Expires 01-Aug-2026

Unit Price $48.50

Bravecto for Cats is available as a spot-on flea and tick treatment for cats ? providing 3 months protection.

For: The control of flea and tick infestations on cats for 3 months


  • Treats and controls existing flea and tick infestations
  • Sustained control of new flea and tick infestations
  • Part of a treatment strategy for the control of flea allergy dermatitis
  • Highly effective against fipronil resistant fleas

For use in cats from 11 weeks of age and over 1.2kg

For optimal control of tick and flea infestation, the Bravecto spot-on should be administered at 3 monthly intervals. Bravecto spot-on can be administered all year round.


Bravecto should be administered topically as a single dose every 12 weeks according to the?Dosage Schedule?below to provide a minimum dose of 18.2 mg/lb (40 mg/kg) body weight.

Color Pet Weight (lb) Weight (kg) Fluralaner (ml) Fluralaner (mg)
Yellow Small Cats 2.6 - 6.2 lbs 1.2 - 2.8 KG 0.4 mL 112.5 mg
Orange Medium Cats 6.2 - 13.8 lbs 2.8 - 6.25 KG 0.89 mL 250 mg
Green Large Cats 13.8 - 27.5 lbs 6.25 - 12.5 KG 1.79 mL 500 mg

Bravecto kills adult fleas and is indicated for the treatment and prevention of flea infestations(Ctenocephalides felis)?and the treatment and control of?Ixodes scapularis?(black-legged tick) infestations for 12 weeks in cats and kittens 6 months of age and older, and weighing 2.6?pounds or greater.

Bravecto is also indicated for the treatment and control of?Dermacentor variabilis?(American dog tick) infestations for 8 weeks in cats and kittens 6 months of age and older and weighing 2.6 pounds or greater.

Active Ingredient: Fluralaner

Manufacturer: MSD Animal Health


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