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Trifexis for Dogs 10.1 to 20lbs (ORANGE)
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6 Tablets $76.95
Trifexis for Dogs 20.1 to 40lbs (GREEN)
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6 Tablets $80.95
Trifexis for Dogs 40.1 to 60lbs (BLUE)
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6 Tablets $85.95
Trifexis for Dogs 5 - 10lbs (PINK)
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6 Tablets $73.95
Trifexis for Dogs 60.1 to 120lbs (BROWN)
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6 Tablets $91.95


There are different species of animals in this world. Among those animals only dog is described as manís best friend. The unconditional love of this four legged species for its master is often compared with the affection of mother to her child. Keeping a dog in your home not only give safety to your valuable properties but also gives you good and faithful friend.

Hugging your pet is not enough for your pet. You need to be careful about its health and hygiene. Often it is seen that your pet is suffering from some unwanted fleas. It creates a massive problem for it. But it cannot utter a single word to express the irritation caused by those tics. To protect your dog from this unwanted tic consult your veterinary physician. Usually a veterinary physician prefers Trifexis for your dog to prevent such worms from its body.

Few Lines about Trifexis

Trifexis protects your puppy from the attack of fleas , free its skin from roundworms, Hookworms and whipworms. This flea killing medicine is available in the market in chewable tablet form. Generally a monthly dose is prescribed by a physician in the year. But if you do not agree to carry the dose for one year then minimum application for three months is preferred. Trifexis can be applied on the puppies aged onwards 8 weeks and the minimum body weight required is 5 pounds or more. This medicine is only applicable for dogs.

But before applying this chewable medicine do not forget to consult a veterinarian physician for this. He is the right one to suggest you the exact dose limit and course for this medicine.

How does it work?

The presence of Spinosad alon in Trefexis helps to kill flea within half an hour.In 4 hours the entire portion of the fleas are killed.Spinoisad kills them before laying eggs.

Information before using Trifexis.

Prior to using this medicine always take the suggestion of an expert veterinarian. If you do it all by yourself then you are compromising with your puppyís health. Though fleas, hookworms, roundworms are not always visible but the irritation created by these is not acceptable. There are a few points you need to be careful before the application of Trifexis.

  • Your dog needs to be going through a heartworm test before application of this medicine. This is a general and simple worm preventive test which most of the dogs need to pass.
  • If one dose of this medicine is in an irregular state then begin to give the dose with your dogís meal without losing a second. This will protect your dog from unwanted heartworms The same time the timely application of Trefexis reduces the growth of fleas.
  • Before giving Trefexis to your pet be sure about the dose limit by consulting a physician or a pharmacist selling this medicine. The excess dose limit proves to be harmful for your pet. If your dose exceeds the recommended dose then side effects like vomiting, coughing, Salivation may occur in your pet.
  • Use the medicine responsibly. Remember, this medicine is only for dogs and not for human. So keep it out of the reach of children.
  • Though Trifexis is generally can continue with other medicine, in spite of that do not forget to consult with your veterinarian physician. He will consider the composition of the medicines before prescribing this heartworm preventive.
  • Trifexis is ideal for the dogs that frequent to bath or swimming.
  • While purchasing Trifexis, do not forget to look at the level .Carefully note the manufacturing and Expiry date of medicine. If you are not at all careful about these simple things then your dog has to pay for your callousness.
  • Always carefully look after the activity of your dog. If you find any change in its general activity then hurry up and consult the physician.
  • Trifexis is not capable of killing adult heartworms If your dog or puppy is suffering from adult heartworms consult physician for help.
  • If your dog is not benefitted by this heartworm preventive then take the advice of physician before moving on to some other flea killing preventive.
  • If you are purchasing the medicine from an online store or any roadside store always remember to keep the prescription with you for safety measures. Buying this medicine without prescription may create problem in future.
  • While treating your dog with Trifexis at the same time do not ignore to look after the other pet in your home. The other pets also need to be free from fleas. Otherwise the usage of the medicine will be all in vain.
  • As it is a chewable medicine you can mingle with it as you did. There is no need to seclude it for the using of this medicine.
Some terms and conditions before opting for Trifexis

Again ask your doctor is there any kind of obligation for applying the medicine on your pet. If your dog is suffering from allergy then a consultation is mandatory. If your dog is under some other treatment then do not begin this medicine suddenly without the recommendation of your veterinarian physician. Often doctors consider the health condition of female dogs before suggesting this medicine. Whether the dog is breeding then consult your doctor immediately. On the other hand if your puppy is under the prescribed age limit of the medicine and also troubled by epilepsy then go for doctorís prescription. Often it is seen that puppies under the age of 14 weeks experience a nausea problem after the application of this medicine.

Application of Trifexis

If you are planning for applying this medicine for a year then consult your veterinarian physician for this. He will guide you the application procedure of the medicine. Usually physicians prefer trifexis with foods for good result. To remember the dates of application this medicine you may mark the dates on the calendar, this will make the usage more effective.

Though it is considered that Trifexis is safe for most of the dogs but considering the health condition of your dog you should consult a doctor. There are few side effects have found during the application of this medicine. Here we will discuss about it

A small amount of dogs has seen vomiting after the consumption of this medicine. If your dog is on thesame list then redose the medicine. Generally a long term tendency of vomiting is not found in the medicine.

According to medical research some few side effects like Itching, diahriah, redness of the skin, lack of appetite may occur. But if your dog is under the consultation of a physician then do not take too much stress about it.

If you found any sort of abnormality in your dogís activity or too much vomiting tendency after swallowing the medicine then immediately inform your veterinarian expert for further help. Letís give your dog a healthy and irritation free life with Trifexis.

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